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#1. My IPSOS I-SAY Surveys For Cash Review
Ipsos I-Say (also known as I Say by Ipsos) is probably THE best Online surveys for cash website you’ll ever come across.

online surveys for cash review

Headquartered in France, Ipsos is one of the world’s largest online marketing research companies which conducts over 6 million surveys annually in over 100 countries.

To add to their tradition of authenticity and excellence, Ipsos I-Say pioneered a points-based loyalty and payment system which sets them apart from other online surveys for cash websites.
The way the points system works is that you earn points for reaching milestones in each survey you complete.

Those points can then be spent on the company’s Rewards page, or you can simply redeem them for a cash payment through Paypal. For instance, you can exchange 1000 points for a $10 gift card to Amazon or iTunes, or wait until you get 1500 points and exchange it for Paypal or a Visa prepaid card!

Ipsos will send you your payment once you reach the minimum threshold of 1500 points, which equates to a $15.00 cash payment.

ipsos i-say surveys review

Join Ipsos i-Say Here

As you can see from my payment confirmation to the right, you can receive your electronic payment within 24 hours, or get the Paypal or Visa prepaid card within 3 weeks. This is about the standard payout time across most legitimate survey taking sites.

Ipsos I-Say has a TON of survey invitations, and on average I’ve been able to qualify for about 85% of them, so there’s always a survey for me to participate in.
Some of the surveys come with highest payouts in the industry (up to $90 per survey!).

Each survey is pretty short, about 15 minutes in length, so there’s no sitting for long hours in front of your PC just to complete each survey.
To receive multiple survey invitations that match you and your demographics by email on a daily basis, it’s best to complete your online profile with Ipsos, that way you have a higher chance of qualifying for the survey invites you receive in your inbox.

Join Ipsos i-Say Here

Should you fail to qualify for any of the surveys you receive, Ipsos will offer you a booby prize of 5 points and a Sweepstakes entry. The number of entries you get depend on how well you do with I-Say’s Poll Predictor.

The Poll Predictor is a questionnaire survey system that attempts to predict your interests based on how you answer the questions asked.
The closer your answers are to the actual questions, the more sweepstakes entries you get.
You can also increase the number of sweepstakes you can enter by referring friends over to Ipsos.

I’m not really fond of this referral system, as you can only refer friends via email, not through facebook etc, so you have to know a person’s email before referring them.

That said, Ipsos remains one of my favorite surveys for cash website around. They have a credible BBB rating, and you’ll hardly find negative reviews against them.

ipsos i-say surveys review

Loyalty Program: Ipsos i-Say offers something that I haven’t seen on many sites, and that is a loyalty program. This a great benefit, and is one of the reasons why i-Say is one of my favorite survey sites.

As you can see, the more surveys you take with Ipsos i-Say, the better.
If you take 200 surveys with them within one calendar year, you get an extra 600 points! That’s actually less than 4 surveys a week!

If this is not getting you excited, I don’t know what will!

Head on to Ipsos right now to Get Started, You’ll be Glad you did.

The Best Way to Make Money with Ipsos i-Say

As with every surveys for cash website, there are pros and cons each company comes with, making it necessary to come up with certain strategies you should use on each site to get the most out of it.
When it comes to Ipsos i-Say, my personal experience to making the most cash with them has been to first take surveys that are on the dashboard.

The reason you should start with surveys in their dashboard is because these surveys show you right away how many points they offer and the estimated time it will take to do complete each survey.

ipsos i-say surveys review

As you can tell from the dashboard picture to the right, the surveys offer 45 or 90 points, with each survey ranging in time to complete from 5 minutes to 35.

From my experience, the surveys that offered the most points for the least amount of time were 45 point surveys and these can be completed in under 10 minutes, with the 90 points surveys estimated at under 20 minutes.

Every now and again you will come across high paying surveys for 150 points, which are definitely worth it!

Join Ipsos i-Say Here

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