How to Get Free Gas

If you’re dumbfounded as I am at how the price of gas could have increased so fast in such a relatively short period of time, then welcome, we’re not alone, the majority of Middle Class folks also share your sentiment!

According to the AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, the current national average for a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.42, that’s up about 40 cents since the beginning of the year!
Unless you use public transportation or own an electric vehicle, you have to pay through the nose for gas if the current trend persists.

It’s not so long ago that the price of gasoline was a little over a dollar a gallon!
Sounds like a story you would be telling your grandkids whilst sitting on the poach drinking lemonade or chewing on tobacco doesn’t it?
The sad reality is, this is not a tall yarn grandpa or grandma loves to spin to the grandchildren for their amusement, it’s everyone’s reality, yours and mine, and one that seems to become more bleak as big business, speculators and special interests continue to amass as much profit out of oil futures before the population wakes up!

Don’t let this sad state of affairs dampen your mood though, whatever your circumstance, whether you came here simply to get a free gas card in time for the holidays or to help with this month’s bills, you’ve come to the right place!

You’re about to get your hands on 5 HOT METHODS no one’s even talking about, that’ll grant you exclusive access to free gas cards, coupons and more for your own personal use and satisfaction!

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Intrigued? Let’s get to it..

1: Market Research Companies.
This is by far the easiest loophole you can use to get your hands on free gas coupons, giveaways and secret tips that only a select few know of, to help you with your monthly bills, gasoline bill, balancing your monthly travel budget, or simply to get more at your local grocery store.

There’re a TON of companies out there vying for your opinion, such as where their target market lives (zipcode), demographics (age, gender, income) of their market.
In exchange for the information you give these companies, they’re willing to give you free gas cards, coupons or vouchers.
The face value of these gas cards ranges from about $250 (for a one page questionnaire) to anywhere above $3,500 (for multiple pages to fill etc).

Sadly, most people usually give up from completing the set of questions these companies ask you, thereby leaving a lot of money on the table!
The secret is in knowing which and how to answer these questions and following up with these companies should your gas card not arrive in time!

Interested in how to get free gas? Here’s a little secret..shh..
Try answering only the first page of questions they ask of you.. things like your name, zipcode etc.. then answer no to all other questions.
When the page of questions requires you to answer yes to most of the questions, choose the easiest one to complete to answer yes to, then give the absolute minimum of details.
The secret is in completing the questionnaire to the end!

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